A Little Bit About RISWEB

Here are a few frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

What is RISWEB?

RISWEB is a single source, cloud based, restaurant management software. It is the only “all-in-one” operations and financial software that allows cost analysis on a line item basis.

Why is RISWEB better than other Management Software?

1. It’s a single source software so you’ll only need ONE software for OPERATIONS and FINANCIAL management.  This allows us to collect and compute operation and financial data together to provide meaningful information quickly.

2. It allows you to quickly find problems at an inventory item level using our unique Inventory Statistics report.

3. It was designed and developed by a group of people who worked in this same field since before the first PC (aka 1980).

Does RISWEB provide Actual versus Ideal analysis?

Yes, RISWEB does provide Actual versus Ideal analysis. Using our Actual versus Ideal report you’ll know the variance of the actual inventory used versus what should have been used; variances that are created by over/under portioning, loss or miscounting.

Does RISWEB allow electronic import?

Yes, RISWEB supports electronic import for Daily Sales, A/P Invoice, Menu Sales, A/R Sales and Bank Reconciliation. This capability provides huge savings in labor and allows employees to focus on analysis rather than data entry.

Does RISWEB support more than one Concept?

Not only does RISWEB support more than one Concept, it supports multiple Concepts with multiple Partnerships on one P&L.

How is Inventory entered on RISWEB?

RISWEB includes an iPad Inventory App that uploads Inventory Counts electronically. Inventory Counts can also be entered manually through the user interface.

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