About Us

RIS, INC (Restaurant Industry Services) is a privately owned software development company that specializes in food service and related industries. Our unique suite of software products offers an integration of traditional business functions with innovative solutions specifically for the food service community. We provide single source operations and financial software for multi-unit restaurants and government entities.

In 1980 (before the first PC!), RIS started as a time-sharing service, currently known as Application Service Provider. In conjunction with our customers, we put thousands of hours into our products since then. The product line’s migration encompassed main frames, networks, OC based store systems, and our current Internet/Intranet cloud based version.

Mission & Values
Our mission is to build partnerships with our clients and increase their success by providing them with a single enterprise-wide application for multiple entities with diverse functions. As a result, timely, and informed decisions can be made, while keeping the integrity of the data maintained and secure.

The Future
As leaders in the knowledge age, we surrounded ourselves with knowledgeable people – men and women who have vision, deep understanding of software design and processes, and the ability to participate in a system that translates innovative ideas and technologies into new products, processes, and services. Such software leaders are key to our success and the success of our clients.